»Why AGON?

In face of dramatic changes occurring in the pharmaceutical and health market, all companies in this industrial sector feel compelled to rethink their strategies and to make efficient adjustments.

It is thus essential for each company to focus on its individual strenghs and reduce costs. While the destiny of their products is fulfilled in the market, they can only be successful in the long run if the products are continously upgraded, maintained and adapted to the latest state of scientific knowledge.

All the companies affected by this development - in particular small and medium-sized businesses - are finding themselves unable to fully keep up the structures required for this process. As a result, they often have to forgo new developments in strategic business areas. Even the OTC divisions of large corporations are faced with priority problems in R&D, as resources in this area are linked to "big point innovations", which means, that there are no more capacities left for other developments.

The solution: OUTSOURCING to AGON

Entrust the relevant tasks in the updating of your portfolio (development projects, regulatory affairs, etc.), for which your own company cannot provide appropriate structures, capacities or priorities, to a laboratory with tradition and competence - especially in a time when requirements for marketing authorisation documents are getting stricter by the day.